January 2009

Customizing your rented space . . .

I've been renting apartments and homes for over twenty years. And because I love the freedom to pick up and move whenever wanderlust strikes, I anticipate renting for a good many more.

Renting doesn't mean that we have no attachment to our physical surroundings, though. Our living-space is important to both health and mental well-being, so it deserves a little consideration, and occasionally some extra work.

One of the beauties of renting, of course, is that you're not ultimately responsible for the maintenance of a house. In the meantime, however, you can often make arrangements with the landlord to customize your living space with small and fairly inexpensive improvements like paint, updated cabinetry, flooring, or carpet. Usually, in fact, the owner/landlord will deduct part or even all of the cost of those improvements from your rent.